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What are the benefits of installing impact windows and doors on my home?      

* Effortless hurricane protection
    * Insurance reductions
    * Energy savings
    * Noise reduction
    * Burglar resistant
    * Add value to your home


Can I have non-impact windows installed on my home to save some money?

Non-impact windows do not have any of the benefits that impact windows have. They can only be installed in your home if you have had shutters installed after 1996 with a permit on record. If you do not have existing permitted shutters, you will have to install new shutters at the same time as the non impact windows in order to meet your local building department requirements.


Why should we choose Arch Window & Door verse another window company?

Arch Window & Door is able to offer more competitive pricing than our competitors by keeping our own overhead low and extending our discounts to our customers. We work hard at setting high standards in the window & door industry and our customers appreciate that. Our experience is far superior to most companies and that means we don’t have to stop a job due to problems we don’t know how to fix. We take pride in our work and we let the customer know all the details about the job before, during, and after, so there are no surprises. We are up front and honest about every aspect of the job. We believe in customer service excellence.


How do I know what the best windows and doors are for my home?

Our staffs of designers explain your options and make recommendations based on the layout of your home. We have different grades of windows to meet your exact budget as well. We also will show different samples of windows to our customers to show the aesthetics or design of the window.


What do I have to do in order to prepare for installation?

Our installers typically need two and a half feet of room in front of each window on the inside for access. If the furniture is too heavy to move, our installers will move it for you. Any overgrown bushes that block access to the outside of the window openings will need to be trimmed back. Window treatments or shades on the inside will need to be temporarily taken down.


What do I have to do after installation?

Typically customers should wait 24-48 hrs before cleaning the glass Because the caulking around the window frame is still wet. Each window and door has a sticker on it that needs to stay stuck to the glass until final inspection is completed. All of our products are maintenance free so there is no need to worry about any up-keep.


How long will it take to order the windows and to get them installed?

Typically when we place the order, it takes about three weeks to get everything delivered to our warehouse. Depending on the size of the home, the installation could take one to three days to complete. Once we have the material shipped to us, we can schedule installation immediately.


Do the windows and doors come with screens?

Yes. The windows always come with screens. Our sliding glass doors can be ordered with or without screens.


Can someone break into my home after I have the impact glass installed?

Impact glass is two layers of glass comprised with a plastic inner layer between the two layers of glass. This plastic cannot be penetrated to gain entry unless special tools that only firemen carry are used. This would have to consist of a special chainsaw that firemen carry and a lot of noise.


Can Arch Window & Door do other remodeling work if needed?

Yes. Arch Window & Door is a State Certified Glass & Glazing Contractor along with being a State Certified General Contractor.


Have there been any reported failures of the windows or doors not holding up in a storm?

No. All impact products are manufactured under very stringent requirements that require them to perform in storms stronger than category five hurricanes. 

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